Tuesday, February 13, 2007

New Music Tuesday

Artist: The Papercuts
Album: Can't Go Back
Year Released: 2007 - Gnomonsong
Genre: Rock
Rating: (4/4) Awesome

No one ever likes to get a papercut, in fact I would say it is probably one of the worst things in the world. But upon finding some cuts from this album, I would say everyone loves to listen to the Papercuts. This is one of the most acoustic, analog, marvels I have heard in a long time.

I must admit right off the bat that I have not heard the entire album, only those cuts and samples that I could dig up from my search on the entire-world-wide-net. But I immediately fell in love with the emotionally driven, laid back, analog sounds that eminated from my computers speakers.

According to their mySpace page, the Papercuts is the music of Jason Robert Quever accompanied by David Enos, Matt Stromberg, and Trevor Montgomery. They are based out of the San Fransisco area, and are signed with the label Gnomonsong.

The songs upon this album are an amazing display of talent, with just the right amount of edgy raw sounds that make them stand out from rest of the music world. The track "John Brown" has a light airy feeling, coupled with the somber melodic genius of the lyrics. It is the type of song that brings one's own emotions to the feelings, causing a reflective mood within your soul. Then the song changes movements entirely with a folky / gospel feeling that sways back and forth in your ears like musical candy.

I highly recommend checking out the Papercuts on your trip through the music industry. It is well worth it.

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