Monday, February 12, 2007

The Grammy Award's Show

The Dixie Chicks won it big las night at the Grammy's takin home both the coveted Album of the year, and Record of the year award's for their heated music of 2006. It looks as if they may have been forgiven for a year of controversy after their comments against the President. I myself do not believe that they deserved all of the hype, particularly in the album of the year category. Although the Chicks show a great amount of talent, and natural abilities, the other contenders especially John Mayer had much better albums last year (not to mention a little less hate).

And the award for Best new artist was stolen from the young and talented Imogen Heap, and given to Carrie Underwood, the American Idol Country Sensation. Although Underwood has great vocal talent and did win the American Idol Championship, there is no one as unique as Imogen in the industry today with the cutting edge music that haunts us all.

On upset that had me cringing just a little, was the award for Best Pop Collaboration with Vocals. The award went to Mr. Tony Bennett, and Mr. Ray Charles for their duet entitled "For Once in My Life". Also up for the award were the nonsensical combination of U2, and Mary J. Blige for their song "One". I would never in a million years have put that combination together, but the outcome was an amazing song with vocals to die for.

Lastly, at least for now, I can't believe that the award for Best Rock Performance went to The Red Hot Chilli Peppers over both Coldplay, and the Fray. Didn't the RHCP break up in like 98? No matter how great the Chilli's were, they could not have matched the epic show that Coldplay puts on. Nor could they have matched the talent that is the Fray.

But all in all, it's just my humble opinon - right.

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