Tuesday, February 6, 2007

New Music Tuesday: Bloc Party, A Weekend in the City

Artist: Bloc Party
Album: A Weekend in the City
Year Released: 2007 - Wichita / Vice.
Genre: Indie Rock / Pop
Rating: (3/4) Awesome

Long live the Bloc Party. Today is Tuesday, and for reasons unbeknowst to most typical consumers, the music industry has decided that Tuesday is an excellent day to feed the consumer their new music. Whatever the reason, for all music lovers, tuesday is the day of choice of our weeks.

Today, a new album is released from the United Kingdom by Bloc Party, a energetic passionate group of young brit's on the cutting edge of the world's music scene. The album is called a Weekend in the City, and touts compositions such as Song for Clay (Disappear Here), On, Hunting for Witches, and my personal favorite, Uniform.

The album on the whole has a definite pop influence, with a sound that ranges from punk to California Surfer Emo, and many in-betweens. The talent portrayed by this young group is immense and welcome, with crystal clear vocal's, well written lyrics, excellent guitar riffs, and solid beats throughout. They have also done a great job at adding a dynamic quality to the album, allowing the searing rock to shine with moments of quiet introspection in between.

I definitely recommend taking a look at this album. It will be a welcome addition to your Tuesday, and give you a release from the monotony of the week.

Bloc Party is: Kele Okereke,Russell Lissack, Gordon Moakes, Matt Tong
Album Produced by: Jacknife Lee.

Other Albums out today: "Yes I'm a Witch, Yoko Ono"
Other Albums I'm excited about: "Village Sessions, John Mayer"

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