Thursday, June 7, 2007

REVIEW: The Police live - not so good

I guess it must be said, that musicians as creative as they are, definately are not the greatest at marketing. For example, today's post stems from the forum entry Stewart Copeland posted regarding one of the gigs they played in Vancouver BC. In this particular entry, Mr. Copeland actually trashes himself and the band's performance. I know that pride cometh before the fall - but I don't think that necessarily means that we must air our flub ups to the world!

"This is ubelievably lame. We are the mighty Police and we are totally at sea" states Copeland as he rips on and on about every bad chord, missed beat, and lame dance they did.

Although hilarious to read, it actually quite painful, as he states "
we changed the keys of EVERY LITTLE THING and DON’T STAND SO CLOSE so needless to say Andy and Sting are now on-stage in front of twenty thousand fans playing avant-garde twelve-tone hodgepodges of both tunes". I can just imagine the agony, having messed up a few times as a musician myself knowing that everything is wrong, and there is nothing you can do about it. But there is really no reason to delve into the intimate details of such flubs. A simple "We didn't play our best, but we'll get them in the next show" would suffice.

The reality of such events is that the crowd, in all their infinite knowledge of all things musical, doesn't really notice any of the crap that goes on. For all they're concerned, it's all a part of the show. "
Stewart, I liked this gig best of all three. Despite the accidents I loved it." was a response that online user Dietmar left to the Copeland forum. No, the crowd never notices a thing.

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